August 1 anthok Manipur-a community college hai course ṭan ding

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

Imphal, July 08, 2014: Manipur-a community college pahni hai academic session hmasatak kum 2014-15 a ding chu thla nawk August 1 anthok khin an innghatna college hai-ah ṭan ning a tih.

Imphal-a DM College of Science-a innghat Dhanamanjuri Community College le Churachandpur-a Churachandpur College-a innghat Churachandpur Community College hai pahni hi UGC le Ministry of HRD, Govt of India hai phalna le sum ṭhangpuinaa Manipur sorkar-in a’n din a nih.

DM Community College-a Advanced Diploma Course inchuk thei hai chu Medical Lab Technology le Fruits & Vegetable Technology hai a ni a; CCpur Community College-ah Automotive Technology le Computer Technology course lak thei ni bok a nih, tiin hieng community college-a zonal officer hai thusuok chun a tarlang.

Hieng community college-a inzieklut nuom hai ta dingin application form chu Rs. 200 pe-in office anthokin office kai ni le hun sung lak thei zing a nih, tiin nodal officer hai chun an tarlang bawk.

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