MLTP Act thlakna ding Mizoram Assembly House-ah thelut

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

Aizawl, July 04, 2014: Kar nawk Thawleni July 8-a Mizoram Assembly budget session ṭan ding chu nghor takin inbuotsai mek a ni a; House-a ngaituo dingin sorkar bill 5 thelut a ni taa, chuong hai lai chun MLPC Bill khom a ṭhang ve a nih.

Assembly session-a hriltlang le pass dinga bill thelut hai laia pakhat – The Mizoram Liquor (Prohibition & Control) Bill, 2014 chu mitin ngaiven a hlaw a; hi dan duong thar ding hi Mizoram Liquor Total Prohibition (MLTP) Act thlakna dinga ngai a nih.

Bill dang thelut hai chu - The Mizoram Land Survey and Settlement Operation (Amendment) Bill 2014, The Mizoram Board of School Education (Amendment) Bill 2014 le The Mizoram Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste (Regulation of Issuance and Verification of) Community Certificate Bill 2014 an nih.

Mizoram Assembly budget session hi July 8-10 sung nei dingin riruong a ni a, July 8-ah finance minister Lalsawta-in August 2014 anthoka thla iemanizat sunga sum hmang dingin Vote on Account phar a tih.

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