Doctorate degree inhlan

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

Chennai, June 30, 2014: Rev. Van Lalnghakthang Khawbung s/o Pastor Laltlunglien (Parbung, Manipur) chun International Institute of Christian Management (IICM) hnuoi-ah Doctor of Philosophy (Missional Study) chu hlawtling takin a lo zo tah.

Kar hmasak Inrinni June 28 Chennai-a IICM Convocation nei a ni a, doctorate degree inhlan a nih. A thesis ‘GOODNEWS TO THE POOR – The intrinsic call of the church with special references to Churches in Northeast India’ ti a nih.

Ama hi inchukna ngaisang le ngai poimaw em em el, Pastor sinthaw zing puma thei ang anga inchuk zawm zing a nih. Kha hma met khom khan National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) hnuoi-ah MBA 1st class (DE) a zo phak ngat ani bawk. Ama hi tuhin RPC-NEI ah Evangelist-at-Large sinthaw lai mek a nih.

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