SDPO-CCPur ADC to Governor dinga ruot

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

CCPur, June 21, 2014 (HT): Mr Pradip Singh, IPS, SDPO, CCPur chu zani hmasa zantieng khan Police Hq., Imphal-a inthawk message hungin ADC to Governor of Manipur dinga ruot a ni a.

Zani hmasa zan khan SP quarters ah Police officer han inthlana neiin zanikhan Mr Pradip Singh chun ADC to Governor of Manipur sin a va chel nghal. SDPO CCPur thar ding ruot a ni hmap Mr Nongyai Singh, MPS, SDPO Thanlon in in-charge in SDPO CCPur lo chelsang a tih.

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