Official pahni in Dist. Hospital an hung sir

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

CCPur, June 5, 2014 (HT): Zani 11:00AM khan Mr KB Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Department of AIDS Control, Ministry of Health & FW, Govt. of India, New Delhi le Dr Niraj Dingra, Dy. Director General, NCO, Department of AIDS Control, New Delhi hai chu Churachanpur-ah an hung a, District Hospital-a ART Centre le Blood Bank hai an enfel.

Hieng official pahni hai hi Imphal-a inthawk Dr Longjam Abiram, Jt. Director MSACS le Dr Mina, Dy. Director MSACS han an hung zui a, Dr Thienkhogin, Dist. AIDS Officer le official dang dang han an lo tawiawm bawk.

Mr KB Agarwal le Dr Niraj Dingra hai chun ART Centre-a Opiriod Substitution Therapy) OST an hawng nghal bawk. Hi OST fethleng hin harm reduction a dingin Drugs No. 4 ching zawngsak hai kuoma Buprenorphine tablet pek hlak ning a tih.

Hi damdawi fak puma No. 4 an lo inkap khawmin effect um lo ding a ni a, damtea an damdawi thaw an inthla theina dinga hi thil hi thaw tum a nih. OST Centre hi Dr Khenzamung Samte in enkawl a tih.

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