Pre-Matric Scholarship hni thei

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

Imphal, May 24, 2014 (HT): Department of Tribal Welfare and Hills, Govt. of Manipur chun Academic Session 2014-15 sunga ding, Class IX & X students (tribal) hai ta dingin Pre-Matric Scholarship hni thei a nih tiin Department a Joint Director chun inhriettirna a siem.

Hi Scholarship hni thei dinghai chu kum khata sum hmu (income) Rs. 2,00,000 a ni ding a nih. Hnina lekha chu Nov. 29, 2014 chenin hi Department Director kuomah peklut thei ning a tih. Application Form chu hi Department website-a laksawng thei ning a tih.

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