Mohun Bagan Football Academy (U-16) a ding trial

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

Kolkata, May 05, 2014: Hung tlung ding May 23-25 sung khin Mohun Bagan Athletic Club Ground, Kolkata-ah Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy-a inchuk ding U-16 category a ding trial nei ning a tih.

Thlangtling hai chu Clubs' residential Academy, Durgapur-ah training pek ning an tih.

Trial a ṭhang ding hai chu kum 1998 January 1 hma annawleh ni a pieng an ni ngei ding a nih. Hi trial neinaa inzieklut nuom hai chu Mohun Bagan Athletic Club Tent anthok Rs. 100 pe-in May 16, 2014 chen lak suok thei a nih. Form lak suok theina hun darbi chu 12pm-4pm (Mon-Fri) le 12pm-2pm (Sat) a nih. Application form submit tawp ni ding hi May 16, 2014 a nih.

Last date of submission of the filled in forms is May 16, 2014.

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