Children's Act chungchang consultative meeting

Posted by Lalremlien Neitham

CCPur, May 29, 2014: Voisun sun dar 11 hin Manipur Alliance for Child Right Churachandpur Chapter (MACR-CC) huoihotna hnuoi-ah "One Day District Consultative Meeting on POCSO Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Substance Abuse Act & Role of Media related to the existing Children's Act" ti thupui hmangin District Training Centre, Churachandpur-ah "Consultative Meeting" nei ning a tih.

Hi consultative meeting a hin inchuklai pawl, kohran thuoitu, hnam thuoitu le thuthar lawkhawmtuhai khom fiel a ni a, inhnikna nei tuelkhom thang dinga fiel an ni bawk.

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